Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Rumah cup.cake

hi guys! today post is about a cafe that i found in Bogor called 'Rumah cup.cake'. The cafe is really cute and have romantic interior, and the cupcake's very delicious and i think cheaper than the usual cupcake .It's only between Rp 17.000-Rp19.000 for regular cupcake and Rp20.000 for red velvet. they also serve you another options like macarons for only Rp29.000 ,cream soup,pudding,ice cream ,rips BBQ and many other. Sadly i can't take a photos of me and taste all the menu cause it's already late, so I just took a picture at home, the result is not so good but you still can see and enjoy it. Seriously! you need to check out this gorgeous cafe.

I can't take picture of the cupcakes cause the cupcakes already not in a good condition. my uncle have a little problem with carrying it.