Jumat, 16 Agustus 2013

Pink hair

Hi guys!! Sorry for not posting anymore, i have a lot more things to do in my unilife:( as i mention before i study at nafa and in the first week i already jave a lot of hw urrgh! And in the first semester i have a doundation first like drawing fundamental,2d,3d kinda things. Its so daym harddddddd! Anyway i ombre my hair! First it was blonde and now its pink!!! But the pink color is just temporary its judt 2-3 weeks. I got it from my new classmate tangwei, she is duch a sweet girl cause she lend me her hair coloured. So this is sine if my pict:) enjoy,xxx

Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Yearbook Photoshoot

It's been a busy year for me cause now i'm in senior year so i have to study for my last test and for a government test or UN. However, in the misery there is also a little bit of happiness i'm ACCEPTED at nanyang  of fine art singapore!!! I take fashion major there and i got TGD so i just pay half of the school tuition, crazy right! i'm so happy i don't believe it i can got  the TGD hahaaha cause my drawing skills are bad:(. okaay enough talking, so last month I had my yearbook photoshoot and you can check my photos below.